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Budapest Stag Night EmpireAfter a moment of amnesia, British lads about to get married and their mates have taken over Budapest again. The companies organising specialised stag weekend trips have also woken up from their winter slumber and are now busy getting new British groups together to visit the Hungarian capital. But besides these specialised stag weekend companies with their seats in London or elsewhere in England, new players have also appeared on the market, ready to fight for those planning to travel. What they are sensing is that Budapest has reclaimed the crown of Eastern-European cities from Prague and has become the favourite of the area again, so a trip to Budapest only, without visiting any other cities has become a viable option indeed. These young companies coordinate everything from Budapest, organising the tours of their British clients. In the era of the internet it doesn’t really count if you are actually there where your client lives, it is a lot more important to be there where he is about to travel. In our opinion and experience anyone who conducts and organises everything from the destination, i.e. from Budapest, will be able to provide you with much better efficiency, better prices and better reliability. Of course the stag weekend organisers of England will also use Hungarian guides here, but in their case the costs of maintaining the British office, the salaries of the British employees and all additional costs will be added to the price of the service, much of which can be saved if you organise the trip from Budapest. Besides the better prices for the trips and activities, another great advantage of the Hungarian companies is their immense local knowledge and continuous contact with the service providers involved with the programme. Like this they are able to keep their partners in competition with each other, thereby ensuring that they offer the best possible contractual conditions. And if it’s your money they are spending, you will surely be glad they do so.

Sex Weekend or Stag Weekend?

But enough of the business talk and let’s get down to what it is that the Britons travelling to Budapest are actually interested in if they are looking for relaxation or titillation. Or usually both.

People who visits us and knows a little about the locals - thereby we of course mean the extraordinary beauty of the girls of Budapest - keep asking us about how and for how much you can buy sex in Budapest, and about whether it is legal at all. Unfortunately it isn’t, but sex in Budapest right now is just as exciting as drinking was in America during the prohibition era. Of course there are no problems at all with this issue, and if you come here you can be sure you won’t remain without a partner for too long. Let me put it this way: there is almost too much on offer at the market, it is only a question of the price. And besides that, local knowledge is also very important, but you can get familiar with the city on the net, or you can also rely on the guide of your travel agency, who will surely have enormous experience in this field. Another recurring question is whether these services are available in the night clubs where the stag parties are usually held. Well, that depends on the place, so it’s best discussed beforehand, because not all clubs offer this service. However, if the stag party is held at a good place, it is usually possible and according to the feedback we get it’s rather awesome too. It might not be the cheapest solution, but what we recommend if sex is important and that is what the group would like to do, is they talk to the club they are going to, because if they have a go at this in the hotel or elsewhere, cheaper it will definitely not be, only less safe. If you choose the right club, you will be able to get different packages, not only sex. We will not advertise specific clubs here, but you can look around on the internet and if you find a club with good references, you can contact them. Choose carefully, and the right club will give you a much a better offer than if you had reached them through an agent.

Back to the types of services and packages:

There are extraordinarily good night clubs in Budapest that offer maximum safety and European quality to stags, but for a fragment of the price you pay in the West. We know of a club, pretty much the hippest place of the moment with the most beautiful girls, which offers free transportation, free entrance and unlimited drink consumption for only 20 Euros, and we’re not kidding! All we’ve heard of this bar so far was good, on the basis of many stag weekend groups who have been here. But if you are looking for something simpler, more pub-like, don’t worry. It’s true that we didn’t feel the same quality here, but it takes all sorts, we suppose... It’s here that beer is the cheapest for example, and for many that’s what matters the most. Sorry about not mentioning any names, but this is an article, not an advertisement.

What it all comes down to is that it is no coincidence that Budapest is again the favourite destination for bachelor parties and stag weekends. Here everyone can find the solution that best suits their tastes and budgets, and if you get in contact via the internet directly to organise these trips, you will be saving yourself a fortune. You don’t even have to worry about not finding the right place to go to. The internet is full of forums and other independent sites raking clubs (like this one), and all you need is half an hour to read these and you can be sure you won’t mess up.

Have a great time in Budapest, and when you get home, please don’t forget to come back here to share your memories and experiences with us.

Thank you!

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