Why Budapest?

Why Budapest?I must admit that no matter how impartial I try to be I will be/am a little biased towards Budapest, regardless of its many existing problems.

I have been travelling extensively in the last couple of years and I visited the most important European cities from London to Paris and from Prague to Madrid, so I can say I have seen most of the important capitals of the continent. All the time I tried to stay completely impartial, to not blow out of proportion any advantages or problems I witnessed. I can’t deny there were moments when I told myself with the same conditions as home I’d move here immediately, but when my initial excitement subsided there always remained something that attracted me back to Budapest. Below I’ll try to explain what that something is:

So why Budapest from a tourist’s point of view, why is it worth coming here:

First of all, the prices. In these times of crisis and ever lower budgets this continues to be one of the most important factors. We often get feedback about how Budapest is not that cheap at all, that they expected something totally different before coming here, but take my word for it, that’s not true. Budapest is in fact actually impertinently cheap compared to any major European city. Of course if you sit down in the first restaurant you find on Váci utca in the centre or if you enter a luxury boutique on Andrássy út, you shouldn’t be surprised by anything, even though also here you’ll probably find lower prices than in a similar outlet abroad.

Question: where in Europe do you get a pint of beer for 1.5 Euros? I’ve just been to Milan where it costs 6 Euros. Where can you get an ice cream for 0.5-1 Euro? Because abroad it will be at least 2-3. A tasty and good quality dinner in Budapest will not cost you more than 10-15 Euros. In London that’s enough for McDonald’s.

Or what about going out? Let’s take a bigger event with a more famous DJ. I’ve had my share of clubbing in Western Europe, I could say I’m more familiar with the prices over there than with what you pay here. Entrance is 40-50 Euros. The same here at home costs less than the half, but many times as little as 10 Euros. Drinks are 12-15 Euros. Exorbitant. Drinks in Budapest cost 5-6 Euros. And that’s only the prices.

If you choose the right venue, the quality of the services won’t be lower than abroad either. With half the price or less. If you choose Budapest, you’ll quickly realise this is not London or Austria. If you go out to a club you will soon feel like you’ve been invited to the Playboy mansion, no kidding! Wherever I travel I’m always in pain being surrounded by overweight, out of shape women who have never even seen sports on TV, let alone do it in real life. I think the men living there must feel this too. Here in Hungary this is unimaginable. Most girls are very pretty and would be considered bombshells abroad. For this alone it is worth coming here, because this experience is definitely a must see.

There are many reasons for doing nightly ventures and stag parties in Budapest. I don’t want to keep talking about prices all the time, but now I must mention this again. I was in Sardinia recently and I decided to have a pizza at this middle-of-the-road average restaurant. I had a soft drink with my pizza. The bill was 20 Euros. Then I thought of this prominent night club in Budapest where for 20 Euros you can drink as much as you want for two hours and you don’t even have to pay for a taxi because they take care of it for you free of charge. And of course you can also enjoy the show, be entertained by gorgeous naked girls, something that I definitely missed in Sardinia while I was having my pizza. How can anybody still insist that Budapest is expensive????

Being properly informed is the key to everything. Nowadays when almost everyone connects to the internet via mobile phones and laptops as well, information is readily available to us, and it’s only up to us if we use it or not. If you’re not too lazy to take a few minutes to look around a little before your trip to Budapest, you are guaranteed to save a fortune and spare yourself a few unpleasantries. You will be able to steer clear of bars that “rip you off”, and you can realise how the whole Váci utca area is an easily avoidable tourist trap. This in itself is already a huge advantage, but if you read a few free forums, you will get all the other information necessary to have a great time in this beautiful city.

Also on budapestbrothels.com there is a lot of information available that can determine your experience. It is no coincidence that the clubs presented here got the ranking they did. If we tell you not to get into the taxi of your hotel or not to take any taxi to any night club at all, then we surely have a reason to do so. But unfortunately there still are many people who make this mistake despite having read the forum before travelling. But they still do it. And then they are surprised when they are taken to some grim, dishonest club.

This site is about one particular segment of nighttime entertainment, but there are many other independent sites where you can get information about the services of other areas. My advice to everyone is that they should take their time to find out more about this subject before travelling and try to organise their trip in advance on the basis of what they have read. And after that there’ll be nothing left but preparing for the big adventure and enjoying the riches this bubbly, modern and exciting metropolis can offer you!

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