4Play Club

4Play Club


Budapest, VIII., József krt. 60.

Score: 6.29/10


A club with British management, reserved almost exclusively for low budget British travellers. The design and the quality of the services isn’t quite what you’d expect in Europe, but at least the prices are low enough to match. The beer is cheap and so is the environment, but it’s all honest and safe. If you don’t want to pay too much, but your expectations aren’t high either, this is definitely recommended for you.

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posted by Steve
In contrast with those who spoke before me, we didn’t have any kind of a more serious problem with 4play. We arrived here with a larger party as part of an organized evening, the guide who took us there was well acquainted with the owner and the club. It’s possible that because of this, the staff was very pleasant and attentive toward us, the girls were also very friendly and some of them were quite pretty as well. There was no problem with the atmosphere either and the prices were deep below those common in other parts of Europe. I primarily recommend 4play to those who prefer simpler and more reasonably priced places and to whom it’s not a major view-point for the club to be fancy.

posted by Kevin
Whoever is a little demanding and used to quality should steer well clear of 4-play. Looking back, I have to smile when I think about the interior decor and furnishings. I can’t even bring myself to call it a night club or strip bar, and if I did, it would only be because there are girls. I couldn’t find any other similarity to a Western European or even a Budapest strip bar. The whole thing was set up in a cellar, which might not be a problem, but it was all done over in a superficial, cheapskate way. The chairs, the walls, the tiles set a new record for bad quality, which might still not be the end of the world, but the girls are just inexcusable. Not one of them was up to snuff, and the one I was might have spent a little money, I didn’t even bother, I just drank up my beer and left. I managed to stand it all for about half an hour. I guess there must be some demand for places like this...I don’t know. One thing is for sure: If some other night I want to spend a little time with a few pretty girls, I won’t come here.

posted by Vortman
this isn’t more than some filthy pub.. I can’t believe they opened a night club at a place like this. I didn’t even care what the girls were like because the place itself is so uncomfortable and dirty I didn’t resist for more than five minutes. If you’ve got any kind of standards you should go somewhere else..

posted by BB007
With due respect, I don’t think this place even qualifies as a nightclub. Anyone who’s ever been to a place like this knows what to expect and what a proper club will offer and here you won’t even be close to getting it. Practically it’s nothing but a stuffy basement with tired and impolite staff and dancer girls to match, so it doesn’t really help that the prices are low. I don’t go to places like this to save money but to have a good time surrounded by beautiful and nice girls. I didn’t get any of that at 4Play so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

posted by FareUsari
I was left somewhat ambivalent about 4 play. The prices and the service were okay, but I didn’t like the girls and the place at all.

posted by solman
it was probably converted from a pub, but they didn’t bother to change too much. so if you’re looking for sophistication, stay away from 4 play.

posted by Dave16
at the end of the day I liked 4 play. I didn’t expect much, so I wasn’t disappointed. very simple interior and design, and it’s surprisingly cheap.

posted by Brando
it might be cheap but it doesn’t have a good atmosphere. I couldn’t handle more than 20 minutes of it, then I left.

posted by Gino74
the thing I didn’t like was the girls. they were cold and bored and they mistreated us unless I bought them a drink.

posted by sexmehdi
based on the website I expected a lot more. it wasn’t at all like strip club, more like a pub. didn’t like it.


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