Broadway Cafe

This is the club that became infamous under the name “sin city”, later closed down by the police. Now it has reopened with a new name, Broadway Café, and since that happened we haven’t heard of any activity aimed at ripping off tourists, so we rate it as neutral.

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posted by Buda Bruv
!!!!!BIG SCAM - DO NOT ENTER!!!!! We ordered 4 beers, had to pay 88.000 forint or almost 300 euro. There is a small text on the menu saying "first drink 20.000 forint per person." It's almost impossible to read in the dark so you won't notice it until they point it out to you. DON'T GO IN, IT'S A RIP OFF!!!!!

posted by Anonim
Do not go to this bar. Cost £700 (Approx 1000 euros) for 4 beers and 2 dances.

posted by aderman
I was here last summer, but we regretted the whole thing, because we didn’t at all get what we expected. i don’t recommend it either.

posted by Sta
very dark, full of bored bitches. we didn’t have a good time at all, so we left after 20 minutes.

posted by nagarajan
Asolutely not up to scratch, unfriendly place with unfriendly staff. I don’t know why there are places like this in Budapest.

posted by Ed29
Run down, smoky place full of bitches to rip you off. Prices are terribly high. Steer clear of this one.


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