Carpe Diem Night Club

It is located on the main street of Budapest, Váci utca. Its size is the tiniest in town, but its prices aren’t! It was formerly known as “Flash Dance”, but not so long ago it was closed down by the police because of overcharging and another specific case. Afterwards they reopened with a different name. It is not one of the reliable and safe clubs, so according to us it belongs to the not recommended category!

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posted by Anonim
Had a great time with 2 completely naked girls until the bill came, 134,000 Forint ~425 euro. They wouldn\'t accept euros and didn\'t have a credit card machine so I got escorted to an ATM around the corner. Was seriously worried that the guy who escorted me was going to jump me Once I put my credit card in the atm but luckily he didn\'t. Stay away!

posted by Anonim
This club is disgrace for Budapest. Please close this club, there are burglars and they robbed me off.

posted by Anonim
Stay away please from this place please. One drink one dance $500.00 I couldn\'t belive it. Girls really pushy. they are Gipsy mafia Russian very dangerous. worse experience in my life in a club. I should call the police but I was with my wife and I don\'t speak the language.

posted by 1 guest
2 people one dance 400 euros. Stay away! Russian \"Boss\" couldn\'t let any alternatives.

posted by noname
Do not get near this place. you will only find lies, bad prices, and once you leave the place you will realize how much they screwed you. disgrace, shame for budapest for allowing it to happen to their tourists.

posted by John
Cannot believe I fell victim, in spite being well aware of how dodgy the clubs in this place are. As it was in the very touristy part, I assumed it would probably not be too bad. I had a chat with the girl outside who assured me it\'s ok to go in and have 1 drink for yourself and not pay for girls drinks. Well low and behold I was accosted by 2 girls as soon as I sat down... I knew where it was heading. I looked at the menu and in my drunken state I thought the drinks were 1500 NOT 15000, the girls said if I buy them a drink I will get private dance... and as soon as I agreed to buy them a drink the man came over with a bill of 15000x2 + a \\\\\\\'service\\\\\\\' charge of 10000. I knew I\\\\\\\'d been had. I knew there was no getting out of it without violence. I then realised in my head just how much money that is! It\\\\\\\'s 50000, which is £140. Oh dear. I was alone and not willing to risk a violent situation so just paid it. The girls then tried to get more money out of me for a \'private massage\'. They spent ages harassing me for more money whilst I thought about how much I\'d just wasted. Strip clubs in England cost a tenth of this I said! What the fool I am.

posted by limarian
i got tricked - it was quite nasty - two girls started chatting to me outside a shop and suggested a drink in a nearby cafe - i thought i was in luck -when i came to pay, the menu had been switched for one with ten times the prices of the drinks - of course i couldn\'t prove that. they wouldn\'t let me go and i couldnt get past the heavy till i had paid nearly £120 for a couple of glasses of \'tokai\'. i expect the strip/clip joints are also cheap criminal affairs - police don\'t want to know.

posted by Datiarotego
I was in Budapest a couple of days ago and unfortunately a short weekend was enough for me to have some pretty bad experiences in the centre, on Váci street to be exact. The first evening I came across two girls who started talking to me on the street, saying they were tourists and needed directions. Of course I told them it was my first time there too and so we started chatting. They suggested getting something to drink now that we’d become such good friends, because they knew a nice place nearby where we could go. I said yes and that cost me exactly 200 Euros. The girls turned out to be employees of the bar and their job is to chat up tourists and take them there for drinks. The prices are so high that after only a few rounds you’re already at 2-300 Euros. Of course by distracting you all the time, they make sure you don’t have a moment to take a glance at the price list. So that was that. My other negative experience was at a club called Carpe Diem, also found on Váci street. Here all these drinks I never had ended up being included on my bill. A girl joined me at my table, bringing a drink with her, after which she soon received another one, definitely not ordered by me. They made me pay for both of these drinks at the end, even though I never invited her for anything. So if you travel to Budapest, be very careful in the Váci street area, because you can easily get tricked. Allegedly there are several places like this there with a proper squad of girls hunting for tourists..

posted by justanybody
Everybody be careful with this one! The catch is that it’s right in the middle of downtown Budapest, on Váci Street, and because of this many tourists fall victim to this place. Don’t let them fool you like we did, because even though the man outside who invites people in says a beer costs only HUF 1000 you’ll be lucky to end up paying less than 300 Euros. So stay away from this place. anyway, I’ve heard that because of many similar cases Budapest police had the place closed down many times, but somehow it keeps reopening.

posted by mendez
too small, too smoky, too expensive. the girls are too pushy, i didn't like it at all.

posted by MaxPower
you won’t see the locals coming here, that’s for sure. I met after hungarian people who told me this place is working only to ripp off foreign tourists. so be careful!

posted by andy
we got into a pretty messy argument, because they wanted us to pay for drinks we never ordered. wouldn’t recommend it to anyone…

posted by BluerernSor
As far as I know it was closed for a long time because they kept ripping people off.

posted by fitplayer
when this bouncer guy got us in here I felt like I was in Istanbul, and afterwards we ended up paying the double of what our bill should have been :(


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