Mambo Stirpbar

Mambo Stirpbar

Budapest I., Hegyalja út 2.

Score: 6.70/10


In its heyday it was known as “Black Rouge” and it was considered one of the most popular and frequented clubs in Budapest, but that is no longer the case. Despite being located in one of the most beautiful areas of Buda, Mambo is not anymore among the most popular clubs, probably because of the questionable quality of the girls. We are not aware of any activity aimed at ripping off tourists, therefore we consider Mambo to be a safe and recommendable club.

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posted by thenightfly
Well, it was hardly the best place I’d ever been to.. I wasn’t satisfied with either the place itself or the girls there. The chairs were totally uncomfortable and for me the music was too loud too. What I thought was okay was the prices. In London you pay several times this much at a similar club.

posted by habibi
The location is beautiful and you can walk there if the weather’s good. but once you’re inside it’s not that beautiful anymore, neither the design, nor the girls. we didn’t stay long.

posted by marco
I liked this place, the music and the atmosphere was good, but it is true that there aren’t enough girls.

posted by plip
There aren’t enough girls here, or at least there weren’t more than 3 or 4 when we visited and they weren’t too beautiful either. didn’t like it.

posted by coucou12
I didn’t think Mambo was all that bad, the beer’s cheap and the staff are quite nice, the only problem was that there were few girls when we were there.

posted by Reorm
It’s not as bad as some of the reviews say, but the girls could definitely do with a facelift.


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