P1 Gentlemen's Club

The trendiest, most fashionable club of Budapest. Employing only young and extremely pretty girls, they make sure no one leaves disappointed. The quality of their services is always first class, the design of the club is modern and sophisticated. It can be reached easily in a few minutes from anywhere in the city centre, either on foot, or by taxi, car or metro. The feedback so far has been nothing but positive, so this place comes highly recommended! It should also be noted that this and Royal Palace are the only clubs recommended by the official website of the city, Budapest.com.

Last Reviews

posted by Gabor
We had a fantastic birthday party at your club many thanks for the staff. We have been to 3 different clubs in the city during our holiday and definitely the P1 is the right choice. We had the 50€ all you can drink option which was gorgeous and super thrifty and I recommend it to everyone who is planning to visit the club. I would like to call everyones attention that the construction around the bar is a little bit deceptive. The staff informed us that many of their guests thinks the club is closed but it is not. So the P1 is a highly recommended club and I wish you a pleasent time if you visit the club in the future.

posted by Steffen
We have just been to P1, at the very beginning of September. We went to the club with a friend of mine and I have to say, we really enjoyed ourselves. What I think is important to say is that you should visit early because – at least in our case – a big crowd came later and it became very busy. I would recommend it to everyone not to just sit and watch the show on the stage, because that can get a bit boring after a while. However, if you choose the right girl, the private show can get really exciting. I talked to the girls a lot. They were nice, charming and friendly, even if I didn’t pay for their drinks. I really appreciated that. Prices are not low for a venue in Budapest; however, they are completely reasonable for such an establishment. Furthermore, if you visit with one of the 3 vouchers they offer, or you choose this option at the reception, you can end up spending relatively little on your night out. We chose the gold voucher and with that we could drink as much as we wanted, all night long. I found this a very good offer and if we return, we will surely choose this option again. We were not disappointed by the P1; the night was brilliant and we would like to thank the club for it. They deserve five out of five stars; we will recommend them to everyone.

posted by Gery
Since I have been living and working in Hungary as a tour guide for a while, I have come to know the local night life and conditions pretty well. I’ve been to numerous clubs and know many girls working there personally and often talk to them about how work is in Budapest. First of all, an advice for those who visit Budapest: no matter what anyone says, there are only two clubs in the city that meet international standards: the P1 and the P2. All other clubs are only trying to meet this standard, but they fall short big time. Some of them are not even trying but instead scam their customers with shady practices. You should definitely avoid these if you don’t want to have a bad time. Another important information: as I mentioned above, I know a lot of girls personally and they told me that rival clubs started a smear campaign against P1 using Google reviews because they simply cannot keep up with the club. So, it is best to be careful reading these, since in addition to using such lowly tactics, they also have their friends and relatives write 5-start reviews for their own clubs. Unfortunately, these practices are very wide-spread in Hungary, not only among night clubs but among restaurants, hotels, and pubs too, so I don’t recommend making decisions based on these reviews at all. It’s best to read independent reviews on independent websites such as this one, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises and bad experiences.

posted by Paul
This was the second time we visited P1 this year: back in the spring, we held the bachelor party of a friend there and because we enjoyed ourselves a lot the first time, when we were in Budapest with a few buddies in November, it wasn’t a question where we should drop in. Others have written a lot of info already, no need to repeat all that. To keep it short, there is no better club in Budapest and if you don’t want to be disappointed, don’t hesitate – it worked for us twice already. The girls, the prices, the atmosphere, all brilliant – other clubs don’t even come near it. The only negative thing is that there is little room and it’s usually full. It is not the most comfortable during those times, it’s very busy and many people don’t know how to behave, they are too drunk. But of course, this is not the fault of the club. We will surely return again, you never get bored of this club!

posted by Theofilos
At the end of April we have already thrown our second bachelor party at P1 with huge success. So, to anyone coming to Budapest with a similar objective, I would definitely recommend this club. Here is some advice: in any event, you should organise everything in e-mail as if you are coming without booking, you will surely not have a table. Buy the gold or platinum voucher as if you buy silver, this would only last for only 90 minutes. This will certainly be not enough. Regarding the surprise show, please discuss with the manager any extra request you have, they are very accommodating and the show is super. If case you need a chauffeur service, make sure you call them in time, because we had to wait for quite long and, thus, failed to be there on time. Otherwise the club is not too big but is trendy and friendly and most of all, very secure. There are no hidden costs, you always know how much you pay, so there are no misunderstandings. The staff are ultra professional and friendly, service is fast. Both nights were unforgettable. If time and money allows, we will return to Budapest for the third time and again will choose nothing else but P1.

posted by Alexander Oakman
Wowzarooney this was amazing. Big thanks to the club as I purchased the gold ticket and it was completely worth it. I must say the Girls there are nothing like They are in Roydon!

posted by Hector
P1 is definitely the best in Budapest. If someone tells you it is not then he is telling a lie. I gained quite a few experiences as I have been working as a tour operator for many years now and I am in contact with several travel agencies. Many of them specifically request that the group should be taken to P1 or P2 nowhere else but even without any special request regarding the place where to take the tourists I would still choose these clubs. The reason is simple: these are the only two clubs that meet the high level of European standards the rest are not even close. There is such a huge gap between these two clubs and the rest in Budapest if we take the level of service and safety as if they operate in two different countries. So if you are not quite sure which clubs to visit during your stay in Budapest let me help you: these two are the only right choice. I tried to organize visits to other clubs in the past because I got some really good offers but it always ended up with a problem since none of them can get even close to these two clubs if we take the price/value ratio or the level of service.

posted by Jushua
I have been living in Budapest for 18 months now and during this time I managed to gain some experiences about the nightlife of Budapest. Regarding nightclubs featuring on this side, it is sufficient to say that practically there are only two clubs that are really safe and meet maximum expectations. These are P1 and P2. Both are situated in downtown and it is not difficult to guess that both belong to the same set of owners. Therefore, their quality is also more or less the same. The piece of advice I may offer is that it is better if you forget about all the other clubs. They can compete with the above-mentioned clubs neither in terms of security, nor in terms of quality. Most specifically, many of them earned their "reputation" by robbing their guests.

posted by Brian
P1 was an extraordinarily pleasant surprise, we spent an unforgettable night there with my friends. Since all of us purchased the Gold-Voucher, we practically had no further expenditures, only what we paid to the girls for the dances. I consider this a very fair system, in this way everybody can calculate their costs in advance, and in the end you don’t receive a bill that you didn’t expect. Since it was the eight of us there, we were given a free „surprise-show”, and I can state without exaggeration that I had never before laughed so much in my life. The staff was very pleasant and professional, the girls were sweet and beautiful, so what more do you need? P1 is an excellent club, I can confidently recommend it to everybody!

posted by Tonda
Good girs, but little bit expencives...

posted by Gerhart
In the beginning of my comment I would like to thank, here as well, Stagdobudapest.com for organizing our bachelor party at P1 and that their beautiful tour guide was there with us, arranging everything and taking care of us. If someone wishes to see the most beautiful tour guide for his visit to Budapest, then he should absolutely find stagdobudapest.com and request Kata! So much about this... And P1 was the most pleasant surprise of all time you can’t find an entertainment spot with such quality standard and atmosphere in all of Europe. The entire evening was fantastic, and the show that the groom was provided with, well everybody should have seen that, we were rolling around on the floor from laughter it was the greatest experience of our lives there hasn’t been a single day since then, when we weren’t discussing it. The drinks were practically for free, we purchased unlimited vouchers for a few Euros, with which we could drink as much as we wanted of anything we wanted. The girls were extraordinarily intelligent and pleasant they only made advances to the point so we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. If they sensed, that now we would like to be between ourselves for a while, they didn’t approach us, didn’t bother us. The one thing that I would still mention is the private dance: everyone must try this, it’s not like in other places at all, I can attest to that. In summary, we can thank this club and our program organizer stagdobudapest.com for an unbelievable evening who managed these 3 days in an unbelievably professional manner and made it unforgettable. I will recommend both companies to all of my acquaintances!

posted by Jeff
Thanks for the amazing night yesterday! P1 is the Best!!!!!

posted by Noran
We only spent a few days in Budapest with two of my pals, we had read a great deal about the ruin-pubs, the bustling night-life and we had seen a large number of positive comments about Club P1, so we were looking forward to the journey very curiously. On the day of our arrival we went to P1 almost directly from the airport, we just barely dropped off our luggage at the hotel. It turned out to be one of the best nights of our lives, even though we were rather exhausted. On the next day we went for a ruin-pub excursion, but of course we ended up at P1 again, which we again didn’t regret. We really liked the friendly demeanor of the girls, the music, the surroundings and everything. I wouldn’t say that P1 is a traditional strip-club, in my opinion it’s rather some kind of party spot. This may be the reason that we didn’t see too many people leaving the bar, even though we were there for quite a long time. People were just coming and coming, the place was still completely packed even at dawn. I can only recommend this club to everyone, if you are visiting Budapest, don’t miss it.

posted by Kevin
The best club in Budapest do doubt!

posted by Gregor
An unforgettable evening in a fantastic club! The unanimous opinion of the entire group after Saturday evening was that we had never had such a good time, as we did in P1. The girls were beautiful, amiable and very attentive, the service was fantastic, we tip our hats to the entire staff! To those who are reading this and who are planning to visit Budapest, I absolutely recommend this club, moreover I recommend only this club, because it’s by far the best of all of them. Not to even mention the prices and the honest service. The unlimited drink consumption cost us 20 Euros for one and a half hours, and we could drink whatever we wanted and as much as we wished. When that expired, we were allowed to extend it by another one and a half hours for the same price. My question to You: where else is there such an opportunity?? Thank you P1, we will return another time as well!

posted by Don
Before I set out to travel to Budapest, I read up on which places are worth going to and which are not, on several forums. Which are the entertainment establishments that are safe and conduct honest business? Well, I have to tell you, that after a lengthy search P1 was the club, about which I couldn’t find a single unfavourable opinion anywhere. Thus, before we got on our way to go there, I contacted them and I printed out their Gold-Voucher that was on their web-page, which provides unlimited consumption for the entire night, including all drinks they serve in their establishment, from 12 year old whisky to cocktails. I also read on their web-page, that I shouldn’t arrive there in an unauthorized taxi, because that way I wouldn’t be able to claim the discount I had received. I didn’t understand this exactly, but I took their advice and I requested them in an e-mail to send their free chauffeur service to pick us up. The correspondence was perfect, the attendant was very courteous, I received a detailed response to all my questions, thus my impression was absolutely positive before my arrival. I was only waiting to see, how much of this would turn out to be true when we got there. The day came, and a friend of mine and I arrived in Budapest. It had been arranged, that the chauffeur would pick us up in front of our hotel at 10 that evening. We strolled downstairs a few minutes earlier and a very kind gentleman was already there, who swiftly drove us to the club. A lady accompanied us to our seats very considerately, I showed her the voucher, which I had paid for, I even got a receipt, so all I had to do was to commence the all night long ordering. A waitress walked up to us, and informed us, that she would be serving us, so if we had any questions, or requests we should just let her know and from that point forward, we could drink as much as we wanted and anything we wanted, except if we invited the girls for a drink She added, that we didn’t have to pay the girls at all, if we wished to have a good time without anybody disturbing us, we should just tell her and nobody would sit down next to us. Well, that’s more than honest…I thought, but who could restrain himself with so many beautiful girls around. And, who goes to a nightclub anyway, if he doesn’t want more than just watch. By the way, approximately 25 girls were working that night, of those there were perhaps one, or two that I didn’t like, the others were first class quality. Two girls walked up to us first, after about half an hour. The way I could describe them is that they looked like they had just stepped off the cover of playboy magazine. We were even a bit shy, it’s not every day that a guy sees girls who are so beautiful, especially not so up-close. However, what surprised me even more was, that they were extraordinarily pleasant and polite. After a few drinks we got into the conversation quite well, they were not assertive at all, they didn’t even mention, that they would like to drink something, eventually we were the ones who asked them. In my experience, it’s not embarrassing at all, if someone decides not to buy a drink for a girl after a fleeting conversation, in this establishment a man really doesn’t get the sense, that it’s mandatory. We spent the rest of the evening with these two beauties. We even rented two VIP rooms for half an hour each, which I absolutely recommend to everyone who reads this post. I don’t know what kind of attitude the other girls have, if we were just lucky, or all of them are like that, but that half an hour was a fantastic experience. In my opinion, if someone comes down to the P1, he shouldn’t miss this under any circumstance. We spent a total of about 4 hours at the P1, but we had the feeling, that it was just 20 minutes. My friend summed up the evening as unforgettable as well, after this I can’t write anything else, but that we can hardly wait to visit Budapest again, and our first trip will be to P1 again!

posted by Grooze
I would like to thank P1, here as well, for all the hospitality and service we received last Saturday. It was an unforgettable night, thanks to Barbie, who is the most beautiful of all the girls, and thanks to the staff, who performed their jobs professionally, fairly and with great attention. Keep up the good work, we’ll return soon!

posted by Random
We came to Budapest special just to drop in at the P1 with a couple of friends, because I was here last year with a couple of people I know, and they all said you can’t miss it. We let them know about our arrival by email and booked a table, and a good thing too, and as it later turned out, because the place was packed. One thing I can say is that the night was a smashing success – in the company of 4 gorgeous women who were exceptionally sweet and kind, not at all pushy, and stayed with us the whole time. The atmosphere at P1is infectious; it’s like a huge party, so we decided on the spot that next month we’re coming right repeat this unforgettable evening.

posted by Greg
No long ago I visited Budapest for the first time, and because of all the positive feedback, I decided to visit P1. I was a bit leery, that I wasn’t going to have that experience reflected in what I read, but I wasn’t at all disappointed. I had a very pleasant and eventful evening there. The girls and the atmosphere were fantastic – it was just captivating. I can recommend it to anyone without hesitation: if you’re ever in Budapest, don’t miss out on this club!

posted by Distichodus
P1 Gentlemen's Club @ 8/4/2011: midnight to 230am (Wednesday). FULL DISCLOSURE: I am writing this review as a “THANK YOU” for my experience at P1 Gentleman’s Club. I am from North America and am on vacation with my wife. I am not connected financially or incentivized through P1 for writing this. MY BACKGROUND & EXPECTATIONS: - We were not looking for sex. We were looking for a North American strip-club experience with limited touching, private dances, and a club with music and drinks. - We are a high end client who tips well, in addition to the standard fees (~20%). We appreciate good service and a relaxing good time. - Fully prepared to spend up to 800 Euros for the evening. And if we were not comfortable after our first drinks and the set-up, we would have left after paying for our first drinks. - EASE OF ACCESS: print a voucher online from their website, and walked to P1 (entrance looked like an underground metro station). Bouncer/door person at the front politely reminded my wife and I that P1 is a "strip tease club." I told him we knew and he led me to the bottom of the stairs where I showed the printed voucher to a hostess at the entrance. She smiled and led us to a table at the center of the room. - INITIAL COMFORT: My wife and I sat down, ordered a couple of drinks to settle-in and get a vibe for if this place was honest or not. We paid for our drinks at the cost on the menu (expensive, but OK since we do not drink a lot). I am sure if we printed a 20 Euro drink coupon from the website, that it would be honored. Correct change was given and she was very professional. - SETTING & INTRO: We looked at all the girls around us sitting at both sides of the room and the bar. There were about ~15 girls there and we were the third table that evening. The waitress who helped us was very good. Her English was clear. I wanted to see if they would try to change prices from what I saw online. So, I asked the waitress to tell me how pricing worked. She showed me a hardcopy of the menu and it was consistent with the online website. - MY ORDER: I requested for the Moet & 2 girls for 40min (Gold package) for 100,000 Huf (~500 Euros). I found this expensive for Hungary (with their low wages/standard of living), but all the websites I looked at pointed to P1 as the place to be. Let’s try it since we’re here and we had a good vibe from all the staff that we would not be ripped-off. - DETAILS: The hostess brought me our bottle of Moet and also selected two girls to start off our night. She did explicitly tell me that it is OK to change girls and just to ask. She made me feel really comfortable that it was the customer’s decision. Linda and Nina accompanied my wife and I, respectively. - PERFECT SERVICE: I was nervous to see my wife’s reaction for her first time at a strip club. However, Linda was very professional – great smile, introduction with a handshake and good eye-contact, and her English was very good. I could tell my wife was at ease right away. They connected very well – couldn’t be better! For me, Nina’s attitude was the same. Both of these girls were very easy going and there was ZERO pressure to use the 40min private dance right away. - APPETIZER: I gave 10,000 Huf to Linda and asked her to take my wife for a 10min private dance. My wife came back and told me how sexy she was (I certainly did not expect that!). We tipped her 2,000 Huf and she was very thankful. We kept Linda, but wanted to switch Nina (she was awesome, but just not my type). However, I am a good sport and asked for a 10min private dance as well. I tipped her the same. - CHANGING GIRLS: Now I wanted to try to change Nina for another girl. I pointed to Nina (after I tipped her), to one girl who caught my attention the whole evening. Karina joined our table and introduced herself very politely. However, Nina did not leave – the hostess lady told me that I could not have Karina join as part of the package (since it was for 2). So, after OPENING champagne for Linda & Nina – I was committed to those two,… that was not clear to me, but not a huge deal (could easily be for some people!). I asked Karina to join us and spent 40,000 Huf additional for 40 min private dance. - PRIVATE DANCE: So we went to the back room for a private dance with x3 girls: Linda, Nina, and Karina. They played off of each other wonderfully! And we kept on changing the configuration of the 3 girls between my wife and I. We sat on the opposite ends of the room and it was very sexy. - ENDING: We had an awesome time and went back to the table afterwards with smiles and finishing some drinks. I asked for another 10min with Karina selfishly before I left and she did not disappoint. When we left the club, the girls were very kind – thanked us and gave a hug and kiss and we were both on our way… the service was impeccable. - After this experience, I CAN RETIRE FROM STRIP CLUBS FOR LIFE AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE. This will be nearly impossible to beat. Thank you P1 for an unforgettable experience. I promise to return!! SCH Good: - Stunning selection of girls. Linda and Karina are 2 of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen in my life, anywhere. Period. There is something at P1 for everyone. - Service, comfort, intimacy - this place scored perfectly in all areas from all staff at P1. - Trustworthy and a business focused on the long-term and high-end client. The right fit for us. Bad: - Nothing notable. The strip area in the middle of the room is tiny and going on a Wednesday was tough as we felt like a big focus from 15 girls. However, that was quickly mitigated by the hostess who made us feel at ease.

posted by Cas1968
I was in Budapest twice during the past couple of weeks and I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time at P1 on several occasions. Like everyone above, I’ve got nothing but praise for this place. I’d label it simply as a club and not really a nightclub. The crowd is mostly young (at least it was when I was there), everything is there to appeal to them, the music, the volume, the lights. The room is not much like a bar either, it is all one big space, the stage where the girls dance has a mirror wall behind it, sofas and tables on the two sides of the room, and there are many small tables in the middle as well, surrounded by chairs. It’s all really nice, in good taste. The things that totally win me over though are the service, the gorgeousness of the girls and the atmosphere. Everyone is always really easygoing and laid back, everyone’s having a blast, it feels like one big house party with friends. It’s a part of the service, and I’d really like to emphasise this, that there’s a voucher you can download from the website and with that you get free transportation and free entrance. To top that you can buy open bar for 20 euros.. this is quite unbelievable, but true, because every time I go I always use the voucher So all I can say to anyone who’s reading this is if you like clubs like this, P1 is the best choice, you should go ahead and give it a go, I have never been left unsatisfied.

posted by pilif999
Go to P1, nowhere else, that’s where you definitely won’t get ripped off, it’s a really honest place and that’s where the girls are the most beautiful anyway. It sometimes gets a little crowded during the weekend, but since this is the most popular place of Budapest right now, this hardly comes as a surprise. If a taxi driver wants to talk you out of going there, don’t let yourself be fooled, insist on P1! You must know that most taxi drivers in Budapest are corrupt and they all want to take you to the club where they get paid the most for clients. As far as I know only P1 and one other club don’t pay for clients to cabbies, that’s why they don’t like them that much. I’ve been there about six times and I always had a blast. if you want a table, book in advance, because usually all tables are occupied by midnight. I hope this helps, have a great time in Budapest!:)

posted by Antonie
I haven’t been to many places like P1. It is fashioned in a way that I found a little strange at first, but the whole atmosphere, the hip vibe and of course the hot girls are totally awesome. What I must add is that I was there on two weekends, three times in total, and on all three occasions the club was full by midnight. So if you arrived that late you didn’t get a seat. Since this is currently the club to go to in Budapest, it must get like that every night, so if you want to be comfy, book a table or arrive early. About the girls, well, when I was there, there were about 18-20 of them and all of them were first class chicks. They alone make it worth paying a visit, because you don’t often see girls this gorgeous anywhere else. You can’t say anything bad about the service either, they were all really polite and nice, so I’m glad I had those fantastic nights at P1, I definitely recommend it to everyone, do try it out!

posted by Jay Morgan
Yeah, nice place. The girls are okay, a bit pricy, but fine.

posted by Joey
I’ve got many friends who live in Hungary and all of them, independently of each other, always say that the only two places to go are P1 and P2. Other clubs are of much lower standards, there are no hot girls and you might even get tricked. My friends wrote that right now P1 was by far the best, so this time it’ll definitely be the one I choose.

posted by Alex
For me this is what a proper club is like! No coincidence that you can only find positive feedback about it. The girls are fantastic, the atmosphere, the buzz and the professional attitude of the staff fascinated me so much that I still haven’t come around completely. The best way to describe it is to say that P1 is not a traditional night club but a lot more than that. It’s a red blooded entertainment venue full of stunningly gorgeous chicks who will make you believe it’s not your money they’re after but you yourself. Not for one moment did I feel like they were with me only to make me pay more and more. I am absolutely sure about this, because I had pretty long conversations with two of the girls and they didn’t even mention me paying anything for them, it was me at the end who offered them a drink, for which they thanked me really politely and they accepted. Then they stayed there with me and we partied all night. Yes, that’s right, we partied. The atmosphere was just amazing in the whole club, it was like the best party ever, people everywhere, and I can say everybody had a great time. One thing is for sure, the next time I’m in Budapest, P1 will be the first place I visit!

posted by Giancarlo
This place is simply superb! The girls, the atmosphere and not least the prices, they’re all fabulous. With 20 Euros we practically bought ourselves an open bar voucher with which you can drink as much as you like and the girls aren’t at all pushy either, so you don’t have to buy them drinks or anything if you don’t want to. Another thing I must mention is that I was blown away by the beauty of the girls. Here there’s only the best of the best. The atmosphere is as if you’re not in a strip club but in a disco. The staff, the crowd, everyone was having a good time, they were hosting a stag night when we were there and they got the guy involved in the most hilarious show ever, we laughed so much, it was unforgettable. So if you happen to be in Budapest, be sure to check out P1, it is definitely a must see.

posted by Yammy233
Yeahhhhh fantastic club and the best atmosphere in Budapest!!!!!!

posted by Tattoosex
Far the best in budapest...i love this club!!!!

posted by Bandit
We came back from Budapest two days ago and, thanks to Club P1, I had one of the best experiences of my life! This place is head and shoulders above the rest, it’s way better than old fashioned night clubs. We felt like we were in the middle of this awesome party the whole night in the company of some relaxed and cool girls and what’s more we drank all we could for 20 Euros. If you ever go there and don’t want to spend a fortune, do go and check this fantastic, trendy club out, but make sure you do the webpage printout before for the 20 Euros voucher, it’s really worth it.

posted by Greg
Nowhere else in the world have I ever been to another club with so many extraordinary beauties working there. Why all the gorgeous dancers of Budapest gather here is beyond me, but all the other clubs combined don’t have this many beautiful girls, that’s

posted by aVogel
A decidedly youthful and sexy club, its location was also perfect for us, because we stayed in the city centre. The staff is nice, they won’t rip you off, comes absolutely recommended to everyone.

posted by Masatoshi
If you’re about to travel to Hungary and this kind of entertainment is up your street, don’t miss P1. It offers the highest quality in everything and the girls are way more beautiful than anywhere else.

posted by Rix00
Fell in love with two girls during one single night! kisses to Carmen and Barbie :)

posted by svendy
I prefer places with a more classic feel, this one was too big and noisy.

posted by tapirman
a big and comfortable club with only beautiful girls. we’re def going there again the next time

posted by telboy2000
We had a great time, thanks to Lili for that, who by the way I can’t find on the homepage.

posted by yardos
Only a few minutes walk from Kempinsky. It’s all really modern and cool. The best was the no limit voucher what i could buy only for 20 Euros!!

posted by norris
All the girls who work there seem to be models, P1 is superb!

posted by piquett
been there a couple of times, by far the best place in Budapest.


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