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One of the oldest and most trustable clubs. If you like to be safe and enjoy quality entertainment undisturbed, this club can be responsibly recommended. Club P2 is the night club offering the safest and most reliable services in Budapest, according to the feedback received on and in our own experience as well. This is also proved by the fact that besides P1 this is the only club recommended by the official website of the city,

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posted by Matthew
We were in Budapest recently and had a few curvy nights with friends. As we celebrated my best friend's bachelor party, we visited all the nightclubs in town and had the following experience: there is practically one club worth talking about; all the others are in a state of near bankruptcy. We went to a place called Hallo Bar, which was a disaster, 3-4 ugly girls hanging around the whole area, zero atmospheres, they were trying to get all the money we had, we actually ran away from the place. After that, we headed for the "Gozsdu udvar", here we found two clubs, one outside the gozsdu in a neighboring street, called Candy, I think it was. This one was not much better than the previous one, slightly better girls, but the atmosphere was just as pushy as in Hallo; I would give it a three out of ten. There is another place inside Gozsdu, well this is a disaster. Undemanding decor, the whole venue is like a pub, the girls are terrible; I would ban a bar like this from opening, it's no use to anyone. I can honestly say I can't even remember the name; it was such a bad experience; I want to forget it. Then came P2, which is a dream come true. P2 is like being on another planet, completely different atmosphere, professional attitude, wonderful girls, fantastic, friendly staff from doormen to bartenders, everyone smiling and super friendly. For anyone coming to Budapest and wanting to visit similar places, I would spare you the same trip to all the clubs that exist because it's not fucking worth it. What I would highly recommend, however, is to head straight to P2 and have a good time because it's the only place where quality entertainment is guaranteed.

posted by John
We started organizing a friend and colleague's bachelor party in mid-August, and a month later, we celebrated in Budapest at P2. I can safely say it was one of the best decisions we made during our whole trip; we had an extraordinary evening at the club. As soon as we arrived, it was like a party at a house party; lots of people, almost all 30-somethings, everyone laughing, several stages with shows, in short; an authentic party atmosphere. The welcome was hot; the staff was first class, the girls were smiling, everyone was super friendly. As we had chosen the best package for the group in advance by email, within 10 minutes, we had our drinks, and the party started. The first half an hour we spent getting to know each other, lots of girls came to the table, no one was pushy too hard, and all the girls were well-groomed and pretty. Once we felt the effects of the alcohol, we began to explore the vip rooms. Well, if you are here, definitely try it; it is well worth it. The vip rooms have an even more exciting vibe; the girls are ultra-cool, not to mention that they take off all their clothes. The rest of the evening we spent here, we hardly went out to our table. I can say that P2 is a new level in the strip club world, mainly because they manage to create an atmosphere that I'd only experienced at the best parties. No tension; everyone is happy and relaxed. About the prices: as I mentioned, we bought a package as we were 12. So it cost about 30-35 euros per person, for the whole night, which I think is very thrifty. The private show was an extra cost, but the price was not high either. If you are going to Budapest and it's not far from you to party in a strip club, I would definitely recommend this place.

posted by Eric
Extremely high-quality club in the city center with an authentic party atmosphere, cheerful, kind, attentive staff, the girls are fantastic, one of the best nights of our lives, thank you for the experience!!

posted by Pauli
I work for a travel company as a guide and, since Budapest has become a big, or even the biggest, stag party destination, I have guided numerous groups to various clubs. Our, mainly, British, French and Scandinavian groups have varying demands, styles and budgets, so which of them I take where is of no little significance. As I work with many clubs, I do not intend to criticise any of them and I would like to stress that this is not a paid review or suchlike; I just wish to help the reader to come to the right decision. To tell you the truth, in Budapest, that is not too difficult because, in practice, there are only two clubs that I could recommend with a clear conscience: P1 and P2. None of the others are of the standard that might be expected and guests are forced to compromise in a number of areas, for example because of the quality of the girls or their behaviour, the lack of foreign language skills, amateur staff, the prices or disputed billing. With the exception of P1 and P2, my groups always, and I mean, always, have some kind of problem. I must add that, in the past decade, Budapest tourism has changed completely and the market for which the clubs were established has not existed for a long while, now. Today there are no moneyed, well-situated, well-dressed guests but almost only groups, and indeed, those of the rougher variety. To entertain groups of 10-20 drunken and extrovert men is no small task, I admit, though I must still say that, in neither P1 nor P2, have I had even one problem. If I took my group to either of them, they always left happy and satisfied, with no complaints. In a word, these two clubs I recommend; avoid the others and you will not be disappointed.

posted by Zak
I visited Club P2 with my girlfriend last week and I would like to say a big thank you for the fantastic night we spent there. I checked via email before we travelled whether this club was only for men or ladies were welcome as well and I was impressed by the polite and smooth way of communication even via email. The answer was comforting so we headed out to the night with no worries. The service was five star, the girls were really nice, the prices were way beyond correct so we enjoyed every minute of the night. We will definitely recommend the club to all our friends who ever visit Budapest.

posted by Karl
We spent two consecutive nights in P2 at the beginning of February and I can give you only positive feed backs about it. We were satisfied with everything from start till the end of our stay there, everybody was nice and professional. They were around us only till we got everything we needed without being disturbing. Also, the location of the club is just perfect, in the middle of downtown 2 minutes away from our accommodation so we were definitely fascinated and I am positive that this was not our last time here.

posted by Igor
It’s a very lovely club in the heart of the City Center, it was located about 300 meters from our hotel, so we could just walk all the way there. The large majority of entertainment establishments are also situated in the extremely near vicinity of P2, therefore it was very convenient, we didn’t need to take a taxicab at all. The club has two levels, upstairs a small trendy restaurant operates, we didn’t see a crowd there, on the other hand, downstairs, in the club, there were quite a large number of people both of the two times when we went there, most of them bachelor party groups, if I am right. The staff was extraordinarily polite, they all did their jobs, they only came around when they were needed, they were not trying to force anything on us. Before our arrival, we requested a voucher by a text message, which allowed us unlimited consumption all night. I would recommend to everyone to do the same, if this offer will still be available when they visit the club. With the vouchers our expenditures became extremely predictable, there was an extra charge only when we requested a private dance or we purchased one or two drinks for one of the dancer girls. I had exclusively positive experiences related to P2, it’s a very comfortable, respectable and high quality establishment, I can confidently recommend it to everybody.

posted by matthew
I would like to thank the staff of P2 for the unforgettable evening, the attentive service, the fantastic atmosphere. Before our trip to Budapest, we carefully investigated on the internet, which clubs are worth visiting and which must absolutely be avoided. Our acquaintances, who had visited the city previously, urged us, that there are two clubs which we shouldn’t miss and all the others are not even worth considering. These two clubs are located not far from each other and they belong in the same circle of ownership, as it’s indicated by their names P1 and P2. On this occasion, we selected P2, since we arrived with a larger company and at P2 there is a separate VIP hall, which we could rent. On top of the club portion, they also have a very high-fashion restaurant, we had dinner there, and I dare to recommend it to everyone, even to those, who are used to the highest quality restaurants. So, after dinner we occupied our reserved place, according to the agreement a separable hall, with which we also received our own staff and separate dancer girls, since it also had its own stage. At this point I would distinctly mention that the hall didn’t have any additional extra costs involved. In the club we didn’t experience any kind of pressure regarding, that we should consume, or invite the girls for drinks. We were given detailed information in this respect and the staff strove to allow us to be entertained at as low a price as possible, as they stated, they are interested in us recommending the club to others as well and return on the next occasion. This attitude was evident from the number of guests, the club was packed the whole time, and later a cue formed for the occupation of all 4 VIP halls, the place was raging. We had a very comfortable time, we picked some beautiful girls for ourselves, who were attending to us the entire evening and were very cool, we laughed a lot. Since at the recommendation of the staff we purchased vouchers, we were entitled to unlimited consumption for the duration of the whole night. This is a very favourable system, because our own consumption was calculable in advance. Aside from this we only had to pay for the girls’ drinks and for private dances, and that wasn’t unreasonably priced either. To summarise it all, we really had an unforgettable evening in an unforgettable club, to which we will absolutely certainly return. If you visit Budapest, don’t miss P2, I confidently recommend the club to everybody.

posted by Bruno
The P2 is an amazing club, I loved it! Thx for the unforgatable nihgt! -Bruno

posted by Hamond
A huge number of beautiful girls work at your establishment, P2 has my complete admiration. The service was fantastic as well, everything went according to plan, and moreover, the promised show exceeded all previous expectations. We will return to Budapest in the summer at the time of the Formula-1 race, than we will very certainly return to P2, I can hardly wait!!

posted by Steve
I spent our in this nightclub and I enjoyed every minute of it thanks to the exceptional service, the staff and of course the beautiful girls. I’d just like to inform anybody who hasn’t yet been to the palace that to the best of my knowledge it has only been open for one and a half years, in that small span of time has become one of the trendiest clubs in the city centre. It’s right next to the Basilica, consisting of two floors. On the upper floor is a very lovely restaurant, and on the nightclub operates on the lower level. This set-up was very appealing for me – there was pretty big group there just then, celebrating something, when we arrived, but they had them in a separate room, so this way they didn’t disturb as in the least. The private rooms are really nice, the girls are fantastic, and the whole thing is just perfect as it is. I just have to recommend this place to everybody who visits Budapest.

posted by Edgar
This year I have been to Budapest twice, and I visited the Palace each time I did. Last time I stopped in at the P1 as well, since basically there’s only about a five minute stroll between the two places. So I can say that I have some insight into these two places, but I haven’t stopped in at the other places in town, and having looked at the reports about them on the Internet, I have no intention of doing so, either. For me personally, the atmosphere over at the Palace was preferable. It was closer to my style in its design, as well, bearing somewhat more a resemblance to a bar, with cosy niches, and really like a true night club, while the P1 was a lot more like a disco, instead. The quality of the girls and the service was cutting-edge; I can’t say a bad word about it. Everyone was friendly and accommodating, and the girls were intrusive in the slightest. If you don’t have a really great time here, it’s definitely not their fault, since the staff see to your every whim. All I have to say about the prices is that they have all kinds of discount vouchers available on the website, and really with you can get through the evening at a bargain rate. I’d recommend everyone to take it into consideration, because I came out of it with more savings than if I’d just popped into a regular bar, and from a night club, that’s quite an achievement. To wrap it all up, I have say I’d absolutely recommend the Palace. I had a super time, and I’m positive that the next time I find myself in Budapest, I’ll be paying them a visit yet again!

posted by xy
Very nice bar. Nothing so spectacular but it is high class!

posted by Nenado
Very nice bar. Nothing so spectacular but it is high class!

posted by Ennemi7
I’ve been to lots of similar places all over the world, but I’ve never had such a good time as I did on Saturday evening. The Palace Lounge was recommended to me by a Hungarian friend, who said that if I wanted to go to a really good and safe place, then I should definitely give it a try. I’d never read anything at all about a place like this on the Net, either for or against, but this way in retrospect I can see that I managed to find the place that the natives consider the best. The Palace, as you can read on their homepage, really is in one of the busiest streets right in the centre of the city, with a relatively circumspect sign and entranceway. As soon as you enter, they greet you normally and courteously, and you can decide whether to stay on the Lounge part (this is where a little restaurant is located, so you can dine there) or go on to the club. I wasn’t all that hungry, so I went down to the club. They led me to my seat, and I took in the place, and of course the girls. It’s very nice. I was surrounded by classy equipment and furniture, and exceptionally pretty, desirable girls, which was relaxing. They recommended the “all you can drink” voucher, which costs either 20 or 50 euros. The difference between the two is that if you buy the 20-euro one, as I recall, you can drink as much as you want, but with the 50-euro one, you can drink all night. As a third option, of course you can order from the menu, but I opted to the 20-euro one. After my first drink, I told the waitress I didn’t want any girl to come over yet, because I wanted to choose a little bit later. And that’s what happened. I managed to choose a 20-year-old, very desirable girl, who stayed with me all evening. He name was Bianca. There were lots of other pretty girls besides her, but I personally fancied her far more. I little bit later, I found myself in a VIP room in the company of a bottle of champagne and Bianca, and I guess I don’t have to explain, this where the evening really started. I don’t what to go into details here, but I have to recommend it to everybody, if you get the chance, by all means take the time and give the VIP service a try, believe me, it’s worth it. At 4 a.m. I noticed that the whole night had flashed by in an instant... Getting back to the beginning of my post, I’d highlight once again, I’ve been to a lot of places, but I’ve never had an experience comparable to this. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the entire staff of Palace Lounge, and of course Bianca for their friendly and professional attitude, and for the wonderful night, which I won’t forget for a long time!!

posted by Terry
Since the new Palace opened last weekend, I’ve been there three times, I like it so much. It outdoes its old self by a mile. There’s no comparison with other places. The location is sensational too, by the Basilica, right in the middle of the city centre, absolutely the most happening place in the city, full of restaurants and places to have fun. Inside, it really bears no resemblance to the old palace. It’s a completely different, way more modern, trendier place for a first-class night out, with a thousand times better design, restaurant, cocktail bar, and the thing I liked best, the super VIP rooms. The prices are the same as always. A private dance is 40 euro, which I have to say is totally a decent price. In my eyes this place is No. 1, easy. I have no idea how anybody’s going to catch up with Palace after all this!! The other clubs have their work cut out for them, I’ll say!

posted by Accistespoigo
As for me, I also like Palace the best. Whenever I go to Hungary, I go to this place to relax a bit and so far I have never got disappointed. I think the kindest girls are here and also the atmosphere is really phenomenal.

posted by Terry
I have visited several clubs in America and Europe as well but I had the most pleasant experience in Budapest last week. Actually we did not want to go out anywhere that night, but at the hotel hall we read an advertisement of a club in a magazine that you could drink as much as you wished for 20 Euros and in addition to this the club sends a free taxi for you. It seemed quite unbelievable but we decided to try it. We arrived in a small bar with special atmosphere where there were quite a lot of guests and many girls entertaining. Soon they offered us a seat and we paid the 20 Euros per person. Following this, the waitress told us that starting from that time we were allowed to drink as much as we could for a period of 120 minutes. I can tell we used the possibility and soon we started to feel good and were in the company of girls. The girls were kind and beautiful, and they did not try to persuade us to pay them anything at all. Naturally, the aim was that we felt good, and as the drinks were practically free we readily paid them a few rounds. I can tell it was worth. When we were in the best mood somehow we got into the vip room at the back and soon I could feel two wonderful and naked women were moving on me, convulsed with pleasure. I did not need too much encouragement soon I was also part of the show and had one of the most exciting erotic experiences in my life! It might have been be the drinks but the girls lost all their inhibitions and I received twice as much of the time as originally agreed. Going home after the night all my friends agreed that still in summer we had to return to Budapest, more specifically to this wonderful bar called Palace. I can only offer this place to everyone. If you visit Budapest, try it in any case.

posted by pete
First Class club!! Recommended !!!!!!!!

posted by Greg83
I work here in Budapest and when we’re looking for this kind of entertainment, we usually go to Palace. I must say the place has improved impressively in the last year or year and a half, the girls are new and they are all both hot and intelligent. What this club sometimes lacks is space.. We usually go during the weekend and then it’s always full and if we don’t book a table in advance we have to wait. It’s a tiny club and it’s among the most popular ones in the city so it’s no wonder it’s crowded. The services and the staff are impeccable, we’ve never found anything to complain about. I’d rate it ten out of ten.

posted by gabriel24
I chose Palace both last year and the year before and I’m going stick to it this year too. I was totally satisfied with the atmosphere, the prices and also the girls, it’s not expensive and it’s a kick ass little night club where I managed to have a proper blast.

posted by Chris
The design isn’t the most modern I’ve ever seen, but it’s a friendly place with a great atmosphere. I liked it a lot and I’m sure I’ll go back soon.

posted by JoshB
I was here twice last January. I liked it a lot, even though I felt the place to be somewhat small. Still, it is hands down the best club in Budapest.

posted by Timo
I recently held my birthday party at palace and I sure as hell wasn’t disappointed. The girls are fantastic, the club downright cosy and friendly.

posted by ViktorSR
It’s only P1 that offers this quality, but as far as I know it’s got the same owners, so congrats to them, we really had a great time

posted by SimkaOlssen
For 30 euros you get open bar and a private dance. plus they drive you for free. you don’t get that anywhere else, it’s ace!!!

posted by Alhendrix
there is no way I go anywhere else when I’m in Hungary

posted by ranhow
Sure as hell this club is the best and the thing I like especially is that the food is also awesome.

posted by coltof
Palace has these anything goes type chicks. if you want great service, don’t go elsewhere

posted by stewart
Say what you want but every night this one has the best atmosphere in all of Budapest.

posted by globettrotter
just like it says, palace is actually the best and safest .

posted by amournencurry
it’s been 10 years since I started visiting Budapest and I never go anywhere else. I adore this place!

posted by pacha
I’m a regular at Palace, they never disappoint.


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