Broadway CafeTested by BB


We have tested Broadway Cafe, but unfortunately we can't say it's better than what you can usually read about this place on the net. If you're not suicidal, it's better to steer clear of this place, or at least take a lot of cash with you so you don't get in trouble.

An English friend of mine visited me a couple of days ago, and since I wanted a genuine article about what Broadway Cafe was like from the point of view of someone from abroad, I gave him some money and told him to get into a taxi, go there and see what he finds. I did give him some advice though to avoid trouble or spending all the money of our editorial office, I told him that if girls go up to him, he should only let one sit at his table, pay only one cocktail and ask for the bill immediately.

Here is what he told me: First of all, what other people have been saying are true, the first drink at the bar really does cost 70 Euros. Why it's so expensive would be a mystery if we didn't know exactly it serves to fund the taxi-mafia. So that's true. He said the club itself is uninspiring and shabby. Dark, small, almost everything is black, the atmosphere isn't too exciting either. Most of the girls fit right in though, because they are also below average at best, he said. What he also told us about the staff was that they are rude and bored, not really giving a toss about the customers.

So, after he arrived, my friend asked for a beer. When he got it, he said he probably wouldn't be able to stay for long so he'd like the bill. But before he got it, the girls showed up. They were really pushy, two of them sat with him, one right on his lap, pressing her tits against his mouth. The first thing they asked of course was what drink they would get, as they were so thirsty they'd do anything for some champagne. The guy said even though he had already asked for the bill, the girl with the bigger tits could stay for a cocktail (not a champagne), and he sent the other girl away. Later this led to a bit of a conflict, because the bill included two cocktails, since there were two girls sitting with him, both of them received a cocktail and they wanted to make him pay for both. According to what he says, the girls are very pushy, they are there for the money, not to serve you, they don't want to entertain you, but rip you off. Almost every five minutes the girl was about to order another cocktail, even though the guy told her clearly he would only pay for one. When the waiter came up to them, he also kept pressurising him into paying for another one, saying the guy was being entertained by the girl, which meant he was supposed to pay more, but the guy said the girl is free to leave the table, he's not making her stay. But he soon got fed up with all this, saying it was excruciating, so he paid and left.

As I said, there was trouble with the bill, they charged two cocktails instead of one, the first drink wasn't cheap either, so the total was nearly 100 Euros for two drinks. That's exorbitant compared to the services and quality received, so he said he'd never go back there, not even if our office paid for it again, simply because he felt bad for having been tricked like this..


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