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I've just chalked up another visit to a club and all I can say is that my experiences so far have been identical to what our visitors describe. My latest destination was Marilyn Night Club. When I arrived I was glad to see that I didn't have to pay for a ticket, because entrance is free. Later I found out that they have a free taxi service too, just like the two other bars I visited earlier. It really couldn't have been any cheaper so far, let's see what the girls and the club are like.

The bar:

It was immediately obvious that this club is completely different from the ones I had tested before or the ones I have ever been to, regarding both size and style. The room is far more spacious, somewhat darker, with a slightly American style. The interior of the club isn't exactly sophisticated, but it's not too simple either, I'd say it's rather mediocre, but that's just my opinion, maybe it is exactly this that others prefer. The stage is surrounded by the crescent of a bar with a row of stools in front of it, this is where guests can drink and watch the show. The girls performing at Marilyn aren't only the local girls employed by the club, but there are artists invited from other places as well, which makes the show really diverse.

I asked the waitress for a drink, and until I got it I had time to check the prices out. Well, they are absolutely okay, I think. The best way I can put it is an average pub in London is more expensive than Marilyn, so for any guest who doesn't arrive here from a five star hotel right in the city centre, but from a hostel in the area for example, this is the right place for some erotic entertainment.

In the meantime things weren't exactly busy on the stage, a curvy gypsy girl in shabby underwear was hanging around the pole, chatting to the girls watching her, sometimes bursting out laughing, not really giving a toss about me or the other guests.


However, together with my drink the girls arrived too, two of them side by side, and without further ado the rubbed themselves against me asking me if I would invite them for a drink. My attitude - to be honest - was a little negative, but that's because I didn't much like either of them and I also like my girls to be less pushy, leaving me some time to choose. Not exactly happy, practically pulling faces at me, the two girls promptly left, after which a girl caught my eye whom I felt quite attracted to. I called her to myself and we started to talk. I found out she hadn't been working here long, she had been abroad and she was already considering going back there. When I asked why, she seriously looked around, gesturing towards her colleagues, telling me that she was unable to fit into an atmosphere like this, to fit in with people like this. This - I must add - I could understand without any further explanation, because the first thing you notice if you go to Marilyn is that the girls who work there are pretty mediocre and frowzy, whom, according to the girl who sat next to me, start picking on girls who look better or earn more, and try to oust them. When I asked her why she wasn't trying to get hired by another bar in Budapest, she responded by saying that in the one or two clubs where you can make a lot of money she is not considered pretty enough, so she would either not be employed or even if she was, she wouldn't earn that much among girls who are that much more beautiful. I'm quite ashamed to say I couldn't get her relaxed, the atmosphere simply wasn't right, so I didn't take her for a private dance. Which is not something I regret in retrospect, because I think for this to work you have to become friendly with the girl to a certain level and unfortunately I couldn't do that that night. It was interesting to find out, though, that according to this girl all night clubs, Marilyn included, have been suffering from the credit crunch really badly, and the dancers don't receive their salaries anymore, what's more, it is them who have to pay for being able to go to work. No kidding.



That much of Marilyn was just about enough for me. I won't say you should all steer clear of it, because there must be a niche who like this, especially because of the prices. But me, I prefer to pay a little more and enjoy higher quality and a better atmosphere, so I'm sure I'll never go back there.



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