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This is the club that has reached instant legendary status in Budapest immediately upon opening. Anybody who’s ever been there will only speak of it highly, which, to be frank, made me somewhat sceptical and suspicious. I figured it must be pretty good, but it’s impossible that a club receives only the highest praise from everybody. That’s what I thought anyway…
First of all I was surprised by the prices, what’s more I really couldn’t believe this actually existed, or if it did how it could be sustainable.
How open bar could cost as little as 20 Euros and how this could be profitable for them, being probably the most exclusive club of Budapest, was beyond me. Anyway, I printed the coupon found on the web, why shouldn’t I get lucky, I thought, and I departed to investigate. Of course I ordered their free driver service since I wasn’t going to walk and if you come with any other taxi you will be excluded from all the bonuses because of the taxi-mafia. After practically 15 minutes the car arrived to pick me up and 10 minutes later I was there at the entrance armed with my open bar voucher printed off the web. They indeed didn’t make me pay anything for the ride and almost miraculously I didn’t have to pay any entrance fee either, even though at this point I was really expecting to find out what the trick was in the whole thing, but there wasn’t any. A nice lady welcomed me at the door and immediately asked me if I had printed the voucher, because if I had she had to see it. I quite proudly told her I had my voucher and I handed it to her. I must note one thing I really liked and it was that when they found out I was Hungarian, their positive and polite attitude did not change at all.

But back to the story:

So they asked me for the price of the voucher, the grand total of 20 Euros and then I was shown my seat. They asked me if I liked it and if I was comfortable enough or if I would like to sit somewhere else. I liked it. They asked me what I was going to drink, but I incredulously asked them back whether it was really true that I could have all I could drink for the 20 Euros I paid and if it was only bottled water they served or was there booze too? The waitress kindly informed me that I could drink whatever I wanted and she told me not to be shy, I could have any whiskey (except for the 12 year olds of course), shots and long drinks, so I shouldn’t worry about anything, all I had to do was have a good time. I told myself this couldn’t be true and immediately I remembered all those positive comments I read about this club. When my drink arrived I looked around a little better and I really liked what I saw. Out of the 20 girls who were behind the bar I liked 20, as in all of them. No kidding, all of them were really pretty, I couldn’t even choose between them. On the stage a beautiful blonde caught my eye who winked at me immediately - I must be real handsome, I guess ?- and I waived here asking her to join me when she’s finished. She did so and I had just had my fourth drink, which made me really mellow, so we got talking. She told me all of this useful information that I’ll share with you now. She said one thing the management required from the staff, her included, that whatever the client is like, the only thing that counts is that he has to have a great time at the club. Even if he wouldn’t buy any drinks for the girl he chose, he must get special treatment and he mustn’t leave the club unsatisfied. The girls who work here, besides perfect looks, must be intelligent as well, able to play host the way they should, because they must be able to represent the bar to the clients. Anyone who can’t do that won’t even get hired, or if they somehow do, they will be fired after the first client complaint anyway, because for every position there are 5 other girls waiting to get hired. She told me she was very satisfied and happy to be able to work here because the management is absolutely honest, the chances to earn are constantly available and are extremely good, and her work is practically partying because they have fun with all the other girls and the clients are always really cool as well.
She was so nice she ended up convincing even me, the old cynic, that we’ve become great friends, so I quickly got her some champagne and I decided I had stay and take this beauty for a private dance just to be able to give a full report to better serve our readers. I did just that and I’m trying not to exaggerate here but it really was one of the most exciting erotic experiences of my life. Surely partly it was down to the drinks I’d had and she wasn’t totally sober either, but what I’ve got to say is that if you’re here this is a thing you shouldn’t miss. Trust me, it’s a completely different thing than going to a prostitute to fuck her. This of course is not sex, but it has all the intimacy, excitement and lust a prostitute could never make me feel. Simply because here I actually felt like I had just met this gorgeous chick in the middle of a great party, with whom we had a few drinks, a little conversation and a small fling.


You heard it right, the legend is true. This is actually as good as it is made out to be. I was taken there for free, I could enter for free, for the ridiculous price of 20 Euros I could drink as much as I liked and at the club, which is probably the trendiest place in Budapest right now, I could party with 20 gorgeous dancers while gaining one of the most exciting erotic experiences of my life. What’s not to like??


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