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We have tested yet another club, as recently we visited Club P2, which is one of the oldest (if not the oldest), still operating night clubs of the capital. The first thing you have to know about this place is that since April it shares its owners and entire staff with P1, even though its location and style are entirely different.
What is also similar to P1 is the free transfer service you can order and the 20 Euro open bar coupon you can print from the website. After my positive experiences with P1 I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity, so I printed the voucher and called the driver service. Again it didn’t take more than a quarter of an hour until I was sitting in the car, and after a few more minutes I already felt like a regular giving my coupon to a very nice blonde awaiting me at the entrance of the club. I put my jacket into the wardrobe and I took the stairs down to the club where I was shown my seat. While I was sitting in the car I decided what I was going to drink, so without much hesitation I ordered a vodka juice and then took a better look around.

The Night Club:

Well, even if the owners are the same, this club seems to be a completely different place. It’s smaller and it’s a classic nightclub with the walls covered in wood and deep red drapes reminiscent of a real, traditional French brothel where one feels immediately at home (I did anyway?). Another thing that deserves a mention is this club has a kitchen as well, so if you feel like having dinner while being entertained, you can do that too. I didn’t try the food because I didn’t know I was going to eat and I wasn’t hungry, but at an adjacent table others were having dinner and their food seemed really nice so I’m sure I won’t miss that the next time.

The girls:

Knowing that P1 and P2 have the same staff I wasn’t at all surprised to find that all the girls here were stunningly beautiful. The biggest difference compared to P1 was that here, since the place is smaller, everyone was sitting a little closer to each other. In a 10 metre radius there are little round booths around the stage, which creates a completely different atmosphere. Instead of P1’s air of trendiness and partying here I was in an intimate little club setting and I must say I really liked it. It didn’t take long for me to get mellow here, after my second drink I decided to stop wasting my time, I’m here to test this club so I called a waitress. A black haired girl caught my eye on the website, a real exotic beauty, and I was really hoping she would be here. She was, there she was sitting across the room from me, even more gorgeous than on the pictures! I told the waitress I’d like to have a chat with that girl, so I’d like her to sit here if that’s possible. It didn’t take more than a minute to have her sitting right beside me, and to be frank her stunning looks got me pretty excited and almost nervous, even though it wasn’t the first time I did something like this... Anyway, I asked for another long drink and knowing that I was practically drinking for free I asked the girl if she was going to have some champagne with me, and surprise-surprise, she said yes! ? I have to make it clear that the drinks you buy for the girls are obviously not covered by the 20 Euro open bar deal, I think that goes without saying, but I thought I’d write that down too. We had a nice little chat, she was just as modest and intelligent as the one I met in P1. She didn’t at all make me feel like she was working, she wasn’t repeating the same nonsense girls keep saying to hundreds of clients day in day out. She was nice, seemed to be in a good mood, she had a sense of humour as well, the kind of woman I like my girlfriends to be. In fact, after the fifth vodka I was considering asking her to marry me. ?
In the meantime some Norwegians arrived for a bachelor party, which created and incredible atmosphere. They organised a show, in which the groom was heavily involved and was unfortunate enough to end up sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage with his cock shrunk to 3 cm. Everybody was pissing themselves with laughter, including the groom himself and the staff as well. The girl told me that was pretty much how all the bachelors ended up after the show, but they had never had even one go wrong, and  it’s always so hilarious you don’t ever get bored of it.
At this point I felt like I should upgrade our relationship to the next level, so I asked her if visiting a private room with her was a possibility. She showed me a price list which included 3 different packages, which were discounted combinations of private shows and drinks. It appeared that the bigger packages included free champagne with a longer show. I thought for me a simple 10 minute show would be enough since she’s already had her champagne and I’m doing open bar...

Private room:

I counted three private rooms, all of which were comfy and big. Entering them is a small adventure in itself, you have to pass the kitchen, just like in the movies, to arrive to the back of the club. The room was furnished with a big, deep couch with dark red upholstery, sophisticated paintings hanging on the walls, a glass table and enormous baroque-style mirrors. P1 seemed impossible to beat so I didn’t expect this to top that, but fortunately I was wrong. The girl threw herself at me like a predator, she undressed me and then excited me to the extreme by slowly climbing on top of me, while undressing until she was naked too. I daresay she was rather creative, she didn’t ask me what to do or how to do it, but she didn’t have to. I wasn’t bored at all, halfway through I was so horny I was begging for my life, but she showed no mercy and carried on. I couldn’t help asking for an extension of the show, but it wasn’t expensive at all, one show costs 10,000 Forints, but at the time even ten times that amount would not have seemed too much. So we carried on where she left off, even though she didn’t actually stop doing anything, and soon there was too much erotica to handle. I kept thinking if I actually got her and we finished it off with an ordinary shag, she’d only be one of many, but like this she’s become so much more than that. I had this unexplainable feeling that I never wanted it to stop, but sadly after a while my time was up. I was dizzy and out of breath as I tried to come around with a confused smile on my face, but the girl kept caressing me and helped me pull myself together, while she ordered me another drink with a lot of ice, which helped me get back on track. After some time we were back at the booths where I thanked her for this wonderful experience. I think it won’t be long before I return here to do this one more time.


It’s true for both P1 and P2 that whatever you say about them it will inevitably sound like an advertisement. I simply found nothing to complain about, it definitely deserves ten points out of ten. Comes absolutely recommended because the atmosphere, the services, the price and of course the overall experience were all simply excellent.

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