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On the basis of the comments sent by our visitors, the clubs listed below are not recommended. Budapestbrothels.com would like to warn all of its readers that if they do decide to visit any of these clubs, they should be very cautious and wary because their wallets will not be safe.


It’s quite common in Budapest that the clubs listed here give enormous fees to corrupt taxi drivers and hotel employees for directing and bringing people to them. Because of this it often happens that taxi drivers and receptionists lie to guests to divert them from going elsewhere, for example if you ask a taxi driver to take you to an honest club, he will try to talk you out of it and take you to one of the clubs listed below.

Never ask these people for advice on which the best club is, steer clear of taxi drivers, receptionist, doormen and the like.

What you should do is gather information on the internet, read comments, reviews and articles on independent sites and then it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to choose an honest and high quality club that best suits your tastes.

This blacklist is only a warning, which should not put you off from visiting nightclubs in Budapest. Clubs listed here as recommended and neutral are safe and honest places where you can be sure that tourists are not tricked or ripped off in any way. Do feel free and safe to visit any of the clubs not listed here or on the blacklist of other independent sites.

Dolce Vita Night Club
Carpe Diem Night Club
Broadway Cafe
Foxtrott Gentlemen's club
Dream Night Club

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night club: Foxtrott Gentlemen's club
posted by Anonim
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night club: P1 Gentlemen's Club
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night club: P1 Gentlemen's Club
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night club: Foxtrott Gentlemen's club
posted by Gonzalo
Walking alone through Budapest I find this place and the girl at the door invites me to pass, telling me it was free, if I did not like it I could go ... more

hot! hot! hot!

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